September 26, 2005


Filed under: by The Mafia Buster @ 1:46 PM is a Global Crime Fighting Network made up of volunteers from all over the world. Our membership includes retired and active duty law enforcement, military personnel, private investigators, bankers, journalists, politicians, judges and attorneys who are dedicated to protecting and serving the best interest of the people.

Our team recognizes the short comings of the so-called main stream media and the government agencies that routinely ignore the “REAL CRIMINALS” who steal billions from taxpayers and BRIBE their way to even more ill-gotten gains. The truth is; Organized Crime has infiltrated Wall Street, Main Street, the State House, the Court House and the White House, so WE can no longer rely on OUR government or the news media to protect US from THEM.

We believe it is OUR DUTY to expose these criminals and obtain justice the best way we know how. That means YOU and I must become Organized Crime Fighters and work together to put these MOBSTERS in jail or out of business.

Please contact us immediately if you have information regarding criminal activities within these organizations.

• Local, State and Federal Government – All agencies
• Politicians and Public Officials
• The Republican Mafia aka the RNC
• The Democrat Mafia aka the DNC
• Google, Face Book and Twitter
• The Carlyle Group
• Booz, Allen, Hamilton
• Bank of America
• Chase Manhattan Bank
• Master Card, Visa and American Express
• Halliburton
• Black Water aka Academi and Xe Services
• Lockheed Martin
• General Dynamics
• Dyncorp
• Kaiser Permanente Insurance Company
• AllState Insurance Company
• The American Red Cross
• The United Way
• The Turnpike Mafia – AKA The Turnpike Authority
• FOX Media Group aka The Fox Mafia
• The Oklahoma Tax Commission
• The Energy Mafia
• Oklahoma Natural Gas Company and ONEOK

We do not meet face to face with confidential informants nor do we divulge the source of the information we receive without the expressed written consent of all parties involved. Your privacy is protected at all costs and we will not file lawsuits or publish any information until our investigation is complete. You are protected by attorney client privilege should our legal team decide to take your case.

Your initial contact with should begin with an email or phone call and a brief explanation of the crime being committed and the information in your possession. We will respond accordingly and explain in detail how the process works. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and support. L.L.C.
P.O. Box 702165
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74170-2165

OPS: Outside Professional Service Contracts are routinely awarded with NO competitive bidding. These contracts are often given to well connected Law Firms, Engineers, Consultants, Technology and Security Companies that charge many times the going rate for similar services. Most of these companies pay kickbacks and bribes to the politicians that protect them and the bureaucrats who approve the contracts and inflated invoices. A good example of this is Booz, Allen, Hamilton and Halliburton.

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