They’re Stealing YOUR Country. TAKE IT BACK!

OUR country is under siege by corporate terrorists, crooked politicians and self-serving bureaucrats who are robbing the American people of their money and their freedom.

Every agency in government is controlled by organized crime and  the wealth of America is being systematically transferred to the white-collar criminals who own and control our government, the mainstream  media, the global money supply and every major corporation in the world.

The Democrat and Republican Mafia are one and the same and every Made Member, no matter what they tell you, has exactly the same agenda; Keep us fighting amongst ourselves so they can steal our money and perpetuate the ILLUSION of representative government.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tom Quinn. I’m an American citizen and I’ve had enough of the liars, cheats and thieves in Washington. These people do not work for us and it’s high time we send each and every one of them a CLEAR message that we are MAD AS HELL and NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE…


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ABOUT US is a Global Crime Fighting Network made up of volunteers from all over the world. Our membership includes retired and active duty law enforcement, military personnel, private investigators, bankers, journalists, politicians, judges and attorneys who are dedicated to protecting and serving the best interest of the people.

 Our team recognizes the short comings of the so-called main stream media and the government agencies that routinely ignore the “REAL CRIMINALS” that steal billions from taxpayers and BRIBE their way to even more ill-gotten gains. The truth is; Organized Crime has infiltrated Wall Street, Main Street, the State House and the Court House and WE can no longer rely on OUR government or the so-called mainstream news media to protect US from THEM.

 We believe it is OUR DUTY to expose these criminals and obtain justice the best way we know how. That means YOU and I must become Organized Crime Fighters and work together to put these mobsters in jail or out of business.

 Please contact us immediately if you have any information regarding criminal activities within local, state or the Federal Government or any of the contractors they do business with. -